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    23.05. 2017
    Our client – TATRA TRUCKS a.s.


    Noise testing laboratory for measuring TATRA transmission units

    VUES Brno s.r.o., as a traditional manufacturer of special electric motors, drives and electrical equipment, has been successfully developing its manufacture of single-purpose testers and test stands for laboratories and production for more than 20 years. One of the basic components of this equipment is a dynamometer and a power supply unit. For test stands focused on testing electric AC machines or gearboxes, these units can be combined into one multipurpose frequency converter. With regard to wide requirements for control functions, drive dynamics, 4Q operation, and communication with parent systems, ASD series asynchronous dynamometers are currently used with torque measuring via swinging stator arms (version P) or ASD series dynamometers with torque measuring with flanged strain-gauge sensors (version S). Modular frequency converters UNIDRIVE from Control Techniques are used for power supply. Using the software versatility of these types of frequency converters, all operating states of the test stand can be met with the minimum number of power electronics components. An economically very effective solution can be achieved by an appropriate combination and programming of these components.

    As part of innovation of the noise testing laboratory in TATRA TRUCKS a.s., a project was created which fundamentally affected the technology of testing the manufactured transmission units. The test equipment with the closed state conception used until 2016 has been replaced with equipment of the open state conception using two asynchronous dynamometers since the beginning of 2017. This conception allows easy operating of the stand, simple adaptation when changing the type of the gearbox being tested, and a more dynamic run. Due to the wide possibility of operating the test equipment, it is possible to carry out also other tests of equipment such as automatic shifting control, gearbox cranking, etc.

    10- or 14-speed transmission units in several type versions are commonly used in TATRA vehicles. A working speed range is defined for each transmission unit for each speed gear at loading with a constant torque at the input of the drive in which the noise test is carried out. With our conception and overall design, the preparatory times of tests has been reduced in the manufacturing of TATRA vehicles and labour productivity has been increased from 3 to 8 units of tested transmission units. When this conception is used in the development laboratory, it is not necessary to manufacture two identical prototype to test them. In the present time, the noise testing laboratory of gearboxes for TATRA vehicles works to full satisfaction of the client.