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    Accessories and options

    Mechanical and electronic accessories for test stand.

    Mechanical accessories and options for test stands

    Mechanical accessories and options for test stands

    Work tables
    Designed for locating a dynamometer or another drive and tested equipment.
    Brackets and flanges
    Devices for quick clamping of tested electric motors.
    Clamping fixture
    The clamping fixture serves for clamping motors with axis heights up to 80 mm.
    Lifting tables
    Accessories for test stands for clamping the tested equipment and setting the axis height.


    Electric components for test stands

    Electric components for test stands
    Induction asynchronous dynamometers ASD up to 1000 kW
    The ASD series asynchronous dynamometers are designed for measuring the mechanical output at the tested machine shaft and for making out controlled braking and driving torques.

    Control unit M350
    The unit is used to control the loading of an induction dynamometer or drive with strain-gauge shaft in four-quadrant mode.

    Temperature converter with galvanic separation M319
    The converter is designed for temperature measuring on low-voltage electric components. Type K thermocouples are used for temperature measuring.