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    Induction generators

    Induction generators with power outputs from 150 kW to 1 000 kW. The ASGN type generators were located into devices using sea currents. The ASG type generators are intended mainly for hydropower plants.

    In all cases, they are customized designs according to the customers’ specific requirements. The generators are made as either built-in generators or standalone machines with various degrees of protection and cooling.

    type ASGN

    type ASGN

    A three-phase induction generator designed to be located in equipment installed under water and using sea currents. They are customized designs with power outputs from 630 to 1 000 kW.


    type ASG

    type ASG

    A three-phase induction generator for hydropower plants. They are customized designs with power outputs from 100 to 300 kW; 300 – 600 rpm.