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    Exciter WP64A
    Synchronous Generator Exciter – Type WP64A For our customer in Austria we have manufactured and supplied three WP64A exciters designed for synchronous hydroelectric generators. These generators will be installed in a hydroelectric power plant in Georgia. The exciters were made as a custom solution.   The parameters of the supplied WP64A exciters are as follows: Load S1/S2: 129/231 kW; Un = 110/176 V; In = 1175/1180 A Overload: 375 kW We offer development and production of exciters according to customers’ required build-up requirements and parameters. Apart from the development and supplies of main exciters, we offer auxiliary exciters with permanent magnets (pilot exciters).
    Fuel Metering Pump Drive VUES Brno s.r.o. has successfully completed a joint project with Jihostroj a.s. focused on the development of an innovative solution for driving a fuel metering pump of aero-jet engines. The fuel metering pump of the aero-jet engine is driven by an electric motor and the delivery of fuel to the engine is regulated by changing the motor speed. The FMP is comprised of a fuel pump module, a BLDC brushless motor and control electronics which provides the control of the BLDC electric motor speed and communication with the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of the turbine engine. It is a very modern concept which is a part of the latest development trends in aero turbine engines – so-called More Electric Engines. The aim of this construction philosophy is replacement of the mechanical drives of jet engine sets with sets driven by electric motors. It has been proven that in this way it is possible to save energy for the supply of sets and thus to improve the efficiency of the whole engine. As part of the project, VUES Brno s.r.o. designed a BLDC brushless motor operating in the challenging environment of hot fuel for turbine engines, which met high demands for reliability and performance assignment while maintaining a low weight. The entire fuel metering pump unit successfully underwent the EASA certification in build-up in the auxiliary energy unit. This unit was first applied in the new generation of twin-engine civil helicopters Agusta Westland AW 189, which were certified for air traffic in February 2014.
    Türkheim Hydroelectric Power Plant A new small hydroelectric power plant was put into operation near the German town of Türkheim in February 2013 as the result of cooperation between Watec-Hydro and VUES Brno s.r.o. The power plant is equipped with a 780kVA low-speed generator with permanent magnets from VUES driven by a Kaplan turbine from Watec-Hydro. It is direct drive of the low-speed generator and also its direct connection to the distribution network without a frequency converter. Parameters of the PMG 750-26-3X1 generator are as follows: Power: 750 kVA Rated speed: 231 rpm Voltage: 400 V at 50 Hz Efficiency: 97.0%
    Servoactuators AMA/MA Welding clamp for the automotive industry ● Traction 1,2-50 kN ● The first sample tested 2000-2001  
    Pumping station
    Pumping station (NL) ● induction machines ● 150-1000kW ● 300-745 r.p.m. ● Operation with frequency converter ● Direct drive pumps
    New serie of the water cooled compact synchronous servomotors VUES Brno has performed a new designed serie of the water cooled compact synchronous servomotors at SPS Nürnberg 2008 exhibition. The new serie of the 12-poles AFW servomotors is characterized by high torques together with small mounting dimensions of the servomotors. Motors can be delivered in various mechanical versions and with optimized windings by the customer`s request.
    ATUR 233/40
    ATUR 233/40 During 2009, VUES s.r.o. activated the drives of two TurboCirculators for ATEKO Hradec Králové. The TurboCirculator is used for the circulation of helium at a high pressure during cooling of tritium modules in the tokamak ITER being prepared (   Sectional view of tokamak ITER The tested TurboCirculators will be installed into experimental devices in Italy and Germany during 2010. The drive unit of the TurboCirculator is a special built-in high-speed induction squirrel-cage motor ATUR 233/40 with an output of 233 kW at 40,000 rpm made in VUES Brno s.r.o. The motor has combined cooling – by water in the stator shell and by helium, which is supplied to the internal space of the motor. The motor is provided with magnetic bearings and emergency ceramic bearings for the rotor run-out in case of a failure of the bearing system. The motor is power supplied by means of a modular frequency converter SPM. The converter is equipped with a rectifying module SPMC and three inverters SMPD together with the appropriate filters and chokes.
    Progress in the manufacturing technology of machines with rare-earth-based permanent magnets gives a real possibility of applying higher power drives with synchronous motors excited by permanent magnets in such applications where a high torque is required from zero speed.  Another advantage of these drives is their increased efficiency – the drives show a higher utility value and operating cost savings. A very significant parameter is a weight reduction compared to standard motors, because these drives are located at the upper stations of cableways. This aspect is decisive particularly in these drives of cableways. The machines have been designed especially in relation to their high operating reliability. Despite this, in case of a failure, these motors have galvanically separated stator winding sections which allow the passengers to reach the nearest station in case of an emergency. The first 4 motors were put into service last year and, after they are verified successfully, another series is prepared for installation this year. This specific application is based on a project partly funded from the resources of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.
    Torque motor
    Control elevation angle telescope (Gran Canaria) ● Position feedback control ● Direct drive axis ● Backlash-free, reliable, maintenance-free operation
    Traction motor
    They are synchronous multi-pole motors excited by permanent magnets on the inner rotor. To achieve a high specific torque (rated torque related to the inner cubic capacity of the machine) they are designed with water cooling which secures the optimum outlet of motor losses at a high degree of protection. The torque-speed curve of the TSM series motors is suitable for using in the range of low speeds, for direct traction drives (without using a gearbox) of trams, suburban rail transport, trains, trolleybuses, and road independent traction. ● 40kW      200 ot/min ● Synchronous motors with PM ● Liquid cooling ● For customer
    Hydroelectric power station FENER ● 2 synchronous generators with PM 750kVA ● Parallel operation in the common line ● Direct connection to the network ● Design V1 with the capture of the turbine axial forces    
    Hydraulic power plant in Frauenfeld In the middle of January, a new small hydraulic power plant was put into trial operation in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, as the result of cooperation of Watec-Hydro with VUES Brno s.r.o. The power plant is equipped with a low-speed generator with permanent magnets with the power of 125 kVA from VUES, driven by a Kaplan turbine from Watec-Hydro. The breakthrough new feature of this installation is both the direct drive of the low-speed generator and, in particular, direct connection to the distribution network without a frequency converter which has been necessary up to now. In the framework period of two months, another three new power plants in Germany and Italy with installed power from 175 to 250 kVA, equipped with a similar technology, will join this pilot project.  
    Submersible Generator - induction generator ASGN 450-8/W - SEAGEN ● 637 kW    /  1000 r.p.m. ● Induction generator ● Built-in hydraulic brake ● Operating depth: 20m ● Environment: sea water           
    Test stand
    Hydraulic laboratory at ČKD Blansko Engineering, a.s. On December 8th, 2011 the Hydraulic laboratory at ČKD Blansko Engineering, a.s., a member of Litostroj Power Group (Slovenia) was put into full operation. This ceremonial event took place with the participation of guests from the Czech Republic, Slovenia, India, Serbia and other countries. The Hydraulic laboratory is a unique workplace which allows to test models of all known water machines in the horizontal and vertical arrangement on 2 test circuits. The company VUES Brno s.r.o. participated in the construction of the Hydraulic laboratory in the delivery of the test stand control system including data acquisition and application software for tests vizualization. Supplied system allows to control the operation of all test circuits from one control room. The operator remotely controls the operation of particular pumps, control elements and auxiliary drives from panels. Vizualization software provides the operator a perfect overview of the current status of test circuits. The central control room allowed to significantly increased the efficiency of tests and, consequently, of the whole labotatory. This project was co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development and by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.  
    VUES Brno has designed and delivered 4 pcs of special exciters for synchronous generators. These exciters were designed as the customer`s solution of the build-in exciter for specific type of the generators. The delivered exciters BB690-16/600A have these technical datas: ● continuous duty: Un = 86 VDC ; In = 368 ADC ● short-time overload: U = 210 VDC ; I = 613 ADC VUES Brno offers design and production of exciters by customer`s requested dimensions and parametres. We can offer also pilot exciters with permanent magnets besides main exciters design and production. Foto of the exciter BB690-16/600A installed in the synchronous generator with power output 6300 kVA.
    Test stands
    Test stands for education, science and research Test stands for education, science and research are conceived in maximum extent for general measurements and data acquisition to a PC and/or their basic evaluation. Their design is optimized for effective experiments and measurements preparation. DYNOFIT DRIVE with dynamometer ASD P085-4/0541. The Science and Technology Park in Roztoky, Roztoky (CZ).   The test stand is intended especially for research of automotive traction electric motors and for training of students at Czech Technical University in Prague.